Cash Only - Please
Located in the COAST BAR Located in the COAST BAR
All About Mexico Way Kitchens
Now located in the Coast Bar (see picture above) we sell authentic Mexican food !

We have been located in Ecorse for decades, our orginal location burnt down and then
we reloacted to the Coast Bar. You can "Carry Out" or "Dine In" we hope to serve you
fantastic Mexican food soon. Please note we accept CASH Only. There is a ATM inside
the bar.

Below are some nostalgic pictures from our orginal location on Southfiled Road.
Mexico Way the way it was on Southfield Rd.
Mexico Way Kitchens way back in the day
Southfield and High St.   Ecorse Michigan
Mexico Way Counter - Urban
The inside of the orginal Mexico Way
Mondo !
Customer at the counter waiting for his food.
Mexico Way 1984
Then we had a fire !
Mexico Way on FIRE !
Mexico Way After the Fire
Fighting the fire and the aftermath !
And Now our Current Location
Mexico Way Kitchen current location
Mexico Way KitchensMexico Way Kitchens
Mexico Way Kitchens  - Ecorse Michigan
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